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2.15 Stacks and Weights Rollback

On Tuesday I asked players to provide feedback about the 2.15 update in general, and also about the stacks and weights aspects of it in particular. And boy did you guys have a lot of feedback for us! I greatly appreciate how many people have written to us both in the comments here and through emails to

Read on for details of what we're planning based on your feedback!

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Economic Expansion 1 - Introduction

I'm happy to announce the upcoming release of 2.15 builds to the Test Server later this week! The primary focus of our latest update is the major upgrade we're giving to the game's economy, revamping and expanding all aspects of production in the Caribbean and on the high seas. The 2.15 patch will feature more than 30 new structures, hundreds of additional recipes and items, and the addition of a loot-based production process!

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