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Test Server Downtime - 2.15.37 - Updated

Update (5:00 AM PST): Sorry about the delay in getting the server back online. There was some weirdness with the auction database which prevented listings from showing up in-game (no actual listing data was affected). This has since been resolved, and Test Server is online and open again. Thanks for your patience!

We'll be upgrading Test Server to version 2.15.37 at 4:00 AM Pacific Time. Patch notes for this build may be read here.

As always, if you'd like to play on Test Server please download the Test client, and make sure to install it in a different directory than your Live client!

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Test Server - 2.15.37 Patch Notes

We’re releasing another bug fix patch for 2.15. After completing the emergency fix work of rolling back the stack limits and weight changes in 2.15.36 we’re now plugging up the production issues that have been reported to us in the past few weeks, and improving our in-game communication about certain kinds of items.
Read on for detailed patch notes!

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2.15 Stacks and Weights Rollback

On Tuesday I asked players to provide feedback about the 2.15 update in general, and also about the stacks and weights aspects of it in particular. And boy did you guys have a lot of feedback for us! I greatly appreciate how many people have written to us both in the comments here and through emails to

Read on for details of what we're planning based on your feedback!

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