PotBS Extended Play!

I am happy to announce that PotBS will continue to be available for the month of October. The combination of contributions from players and management have secured enough funding to support the game through the month allowing companies currently evaluating the game for future operation more time to make their assessments and/or preparations.

Due to the short notice of this operational extension there is the possibility of some service issues on October 1st. We will be working through the day to identify any potential issues and resolve them if possible beforehand. Unexpected or unavoidable issues will be posted here as soon as they are identified or experienced.

I’d like to thank the game community for their generous support which was instrumental in securing this extension. The added time will hopefully accelerate the process of securing a new operator for the game while allowing the community as a whole more time to enjoy the game.

Update October 1 9:16am Pacific time:

The servers are currently unavailable. We anticipated there may be issues with today’s availability due to some service changes that were implemented yesterday. We are currently working to restore server availability and will update this post as soon as we have more information regarding the current issue.

Update 1:33pm Pacific time:

We have identified the cause of the server issues and are working on resolving them. The estimated time for repair is 6-7 hours. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Update 7:49pm Pacific time:

The issues with the servers have been resolved. All servers should be available at this time.