PotBS Forum Unavailable

We are going to need to take our forum down for a few days this week as we are going to be changing our hosting service.  The Vanilla hosted forum will be available throughout today and a short portion of tomorrow before being taken down.  Once the forum has been taken down Vanilla will prepare the existing forum data for export and once we receive that export file from Vanilla we can begin integrating the data into the new hosting service.  We will take this opportunity to do some clean up on the forum by archiving some older content and making some structural changes. Vanilla has informed us that the export file will not be ready before Tuesday of the coming week meaning the forum will be down for a minimum of two days

We hope to be able to complete our transition work during the forum down time but cannot be certain the work will be completed within that time.  Updates regarding our change of hosting services will be posted here and the forum available will be posted here through the forum transition process.


Update July 25, 2018 9:30pm Pacific Time:

We are still waiting for the export file from our previous forum host to arrive.  We do not have an estimate as to when the file will be ready as there was a one day delay in taking the former forum down.  We hope to receive the file within the next 24 hours.

Update July 27, 2018 10:42am Pacific Time:

We received the forum export file from our former host and the file has been provided to our new forum host.  If current estimates hold the new forum should be available sometime in the next 48 hours.

Update July 30, 2018 10:47pm Pacific Time:

As is obvious from the previous update the estimates did not hold and numerous technical issues were experienced in an attempted restoration of the forum on a new service.  The particular issues experienced were severe enough that we have been forced to seek a different provider in order to make another attempt at forum restoration.  Should this search fail to yield a provider before the end of the week we will proceed with starting a new forum and work with the raw data provided by Vanilla to extract previous forum data manually in a prioritized fashion favoring game help and active community projects.  A hosting service capable of working with the Vanilla data is preferred but we do not want to let that requirement delay restoration of forum service for too long.  Updates regarding the forum status will be provided as soon as new information is available.

Update August 6, 2018 11:50pm

A new service has been secured but we still have not completed setting up a forum due to schedule conflicts and limited time for the work.  The server issues experienced on August 4th have used most of the available time for forum work over this past weekend and other issues continue to present schedule conflicts for forum work during this week.  It is our hope that the forum will return later this week but it is unlikely to be ready before August 9th given the amount of time available for the work prior to that date.  We will update again on August 9th if the forum is not available before that date.

Update August 14, 2018 12:08am:

Tech support at our new hosting service has not been able to restore the old forum due to some data issues with the data provided by Vanilla.  At the moment we are going back and forth between the two services attempting to resolve the issues.  If the issues cannot be resolved we will proceed with a new forum and then do what what we can to retrieve the data from Vanilla and attempt to manually restore critical forum areas such as Game Help and active community projects.  Updates will be provided when current status changes.

Update August 15, 2018 11:18pm Pacific Time:

After coordinating two different tech support teams the issues with the forum restoration have been resolved.  There are still a few set up items remaining before the forum will be accessible.  We estimate the forum will be available before the upcoming weekend.  This post will be updated when the forum is available for use.

Update August 16, 2018 1:05pm Pacific Time:

The forum is not yet available for use however sections of the forum such as Game Help are now accessible as sources of information.  Currently users cannot successfully log in to the forum due to a login issue we are working on but can view any part of the forum that was previously accessible without logging in.  Once the login issue is resolved we will be able to work on restoring/changing the look of the forum.  Further updates will be posted here when the login issue is resolved.