Antigua and Roberts Servers Offline

We have experienced issues with our two live servers over the past two days that have accumulated into a major issue that is going to take some time to resolve.  Both the Antigua and Roberts servers are currently offline and will be offline for several hours at a minimum.  We are keeping these servers off until our maintenance personnel can resolve the issue to prevent server events from progressing.  At this time we do not have an estimate regarding how long the servers will be offline.  We will update this post as soon as we have additional information regarding how long the issue resolution will require.

Update 1:25pm Pacific Time:

From information regarding the server issues available at this time the servers are unlikely to be available for most players today (July 19, 2018) as our maintenance team has informed us that work will be ongoing into the evening hours Pacific Time.  This post will be updated after we receive more information from the maintenance team later this evening.

Update 9:35pm Pacific Time:

The issue with the Antigua and Roberts server has been resolved.  Both servers should be available for service at this time.