All Servers Down

We have experienced a major failure with a hardware component in our server systems that will require work at our data center before the servers can be brought back online.  Due to the time of this failure we may not be able to replace the failed hardware until day time working hours at our data center in Los Angeles.  We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to restore the servers as soon as we can.  Due to the nature of this failure and the need for new hardware to arrive we cannot accurately predict when the servers will be available and will update this post when we have new information regarding the issue.

Update 1:16pm Pacific Time:

The failed hardware has been replaced but there is a considerable amount of configuration work remaining on the physical servers before we can restart the game servers.  We will not be able to provide an estimate on when the game servers will be available at this time however we do believe the servers will be available some time later today.

Update 6:15pm Pacific Time:

The issues with the servers have been resolved.  All servers should be available for service.