Account Registration/Password Reset Issues (2017/10/14)

We are currently experiencing an issue in our account management system that will not allow new accounts to be registered or current account passwords to be reset.  This issue is being worked on by our maintenance team.  We will update this post as soon as the issue has been resolved.


Update 6:35pm Pacific Time

We have an update from the maintenance team.  The issues with registration and password resets have been identified and are under repair.  Unfortunately the work will not be completed until some time tomorrow (10/15).  This post will be updated when the issue with registration and password resets has been resolved.


Update 10:26am Pacific Time (2017/10/15)

Our maintenance team has informed us that the issue being experienced with account registration and password resets should now be resolved.  If you are unable to create a new account or reset your password please inform customer service at