Server Outage 2016/6/18

We will be taking all servers offline at 1 AM Eastern Time (5 AM GMT, 8 AM MSK – 10 PM June 17 Pacific Time) for server maintenance and to move build to the Antigua and Roberts servers.  The expected down time for maintenance and the new build is approximately 3 hours. 

Build features the following changes:

- The size restriction has been removed from the Privateer and Buccaneer Jugular skills.

- The combat reinforcement timers have had an additional 90 seconds added to them.

- Production structures in Treasure Aisle have had their prices reduced.

- Seasonal Pieces of Eight content has been changed.  Since some of this content has not been available for a considerable length of time we have added all of the following items to the seasonal Pieces of Eight exchange:

                Precise Navigator

                Inflammatory Writ

                Scraps of Canvas

                Extra Slippery Banana Peel

                Enlarged Cargo Hold

                Expanding Bar Shot

                Basalt Stone Shot

                Dutch Gunpowder

                Dutch Chainmail

                Wooden Sabots

                Fine Victuals

                Sea Anchor

                Talkative Gunner’s Mate

                Flechette Shot

                Shot Ovens

                Divining Bowsprit

                Hickory Planking

                Book of Bayou Bogeymen

                Jar of Swamp Gas

                Innovative Ensign

- Labor values for most recipes involved with production of materials and items produced from them for construction have been reduced.  This change affects hundreds of material and construction component recipes (excluding outfitting and most consumable recipes).

- Treasure Aisle structures have gained additional reduction in recipe labor values to increase the benefit of using these structures in material and component construction.


Please note we are aware of a few duplicate items in the seasonal Pieces of Eight exchange and in some recipes for the Treasure Aisle structures.  These duplicate items and recipes do not impede game play and function properly.  We will remove the duplicates in the next build. 


This post will be updated when the server maintenance is complete and the servers are available.


Update 3:22am Pacific Time


We have encountered an issue with our primary server router during our server maintenance that we will not be able to resolve until additional resources are available later in the day.  The issue will not allow the game client to connect to the game servers.  We do not have an estimate as to when service will be restored until our third party support is able to address the issue.  The servers have been put in the offline status to preserve the current map status of the servers.  Scheduled port battles will automatically be re-scheduled if the servers are not available at the currently scheduled time.  We will update this post with additional information regarding our server router issue as soon as we have more information available.

Update 5:37pm Pacific Time

The issue with the primary server router has been resolved.  All servers should be available at this time with the build.  We apologize for the length of the delay in service and appreciate your patience while we resolved this issue.