Server Outage 2016/2/15

We will need to take the servers offline for approximately 1 hour this evening for a server software update.  We will take the servers offline at 1 AM Eastern Time/5 AM GMT/8 AM MSK February 15, 2016, (10 PM Pacific Time on February 14, 2016).  We apologize for the inconvenience and will update this post when the software update is complete.


Update 12:10am Pacific Time


We have encountered an issue during our server software update that will require us to keep the servers offline for the remainder of the night.  There is additional work needed at our data center that will require some assistance from a third party.  Unfortunately that third party will not be available until morning business hours start in the Pacific time zone.  We apologize for this inconvenience and will return the servers to service as soon as possible.


Update 10:45am Pacific Time


We’ve received an update from our data center and the current work in progress will take at least another 2 hours to complete from the time of this posting.  We will provide another update in approximately 2 hours or earlier if the work is completed in less time than estimated.


Update 12:45pm Pacific Time

There has been no change in status since our last update.  The current work being done at the data center has exceeded the previous estimate.  At this point the work is being done entirely by a third party and we have not yet received an update from them.  We apologize for the delay in returning the servers to service and will provide an update as soon as we hear from the data center regarding their progress.


Update 7:50pm Pacific Time

Earlier attempts to correct the issues we are experiencing with the Windows server were not successful.  This has put us in a position were new components and software needed to be obtained, installed and updated.  Our last update was at 4:25pm stating that the work was in progress.  We have not yet received further updates on progress or an estimate on a completion time from the data center but will post an update as soon as we hear from them.


Update 2:25am Pacific Time 2/16/2016

The Antigua and Roberts servers should now be available.  The Test server should be available shortly.  We apologize for the delays in restoring the servers to operation and thank you for your patience and understanding.