Server Outage 2016/10/29

We were unable to complete all necessary maintenance during our last maintenance period and have a need to schedule another server outage to complete this process.  Unfortunately the pressing need to complete this maintenance combine with the availability of personnel to complete the maintenance will require this outage to occur during this upcoming weekend.  To complete this maintenance we will need to take the servers offline at 11PM Eastern/8PM Pacific Time October 29, 2016 (3 AM GMT/6 AM MSK October 30, 2016) for additional maintenance.  The estimated time for this server outage is approximately 3 hours.  Any affected scheduled events such as port battles impacted by this outage will be moved.  We apologize for the short notice regarding outage and schedule and will update this post as soon as the maintenance is complete.


Update 11:41pm Pacific Time

The server maintenance is now complete.  All servers should be available.  Please note that some players may experience some lag in viewing the auction houses for the first two or three hours after the completion of maintenance while data is continuing to load to the servers.