Login Server Issue 2016/1/8

We are currently experiencing issues with our login servers.  We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  We will provide an update when the login server issue has been resolved.


Update 2016/1/8 6:28pm Pacific Time

The issue with our login servers has been determined to be a hardware failure in our data center that will require hardware replacement.  We have ordered the necessary replacement equipment and are awaiting its arrival so our IT staff can get it installed.  Due to the time of this failure and the time needed for the replacement hardware to arrive the servers will likely be offline for the remainder of January 8th and not likely to come back online until some time during the afternoon or evening of January 9th Pacific time.  We will update this post when the new server hardware has been installed.

The hardware that hosts the login servers also hosts the customer service tools.  Customer service will be not be able to process service requests until the hardware issue is resolved.


Update 2016/1/9 10:10pm Pacific Time

The hardware replacement is complete but server configuration work continues.  During this process there may be interruption or loss of service in other systems.  Currently account registration is not available along with customer service.  The systems should be restored by the time the configuration work is done.  We expect this work will continue into the night and it may extend into tomorrow (January 10th) if a break for sleep is needed.  We will update this post when the configuration work is complete.  Please note when the servers first come on line players will still not be able to log in until we have completed our testing on the servers before opening them for play.


Update 2016/1/10 2:10pm Pacific Time

The servers have been restored and are available for play.  New account registration should also be restored along with other account services.  Customer service tools have been restored.  Please note that customer service has not been able to clear the back log of service requests from the holidays and with the expectation of status inquiries and possible reimbursements due to the server outage delayed response from customer service should be expected.  We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.