Forum Status Update

As some players are aware we’ve had some community members on the forum doing some testing over the past week.  At this point I’m willing to say that the forum is functional and can be accessed.  I wouldn’t go further than that as it is bare bones but it is in a state where the forum could be used by the community.  No announcement has been made up to this point due to an issue in initial registration/sign in that affects community members attempting to reclaim previous forum handles (names) from the forum we carried over from FLS.


The current version of the forum uses your game login credentials as your login information.  The same account name and password you use to log in to the game should also log you into the forum.  If you have never had a forum account on the previous forum when you login you should be prompted to select a forum handle (name).  Names that already exist in the forum database from the previous forum are maintained so you may find some names are not available.  In such cases the forum will ask you for a password if you are trying to use an existing account name however this password will always fail and you will not be able to use that name.  This is the issue that affects reclaiming former forum handles.


The resolution of the issue requires working with our hosting service (Vanilla) and we don’t have an estimate as to when it will be resolved.  Rather than keeping the forum to just the community test team until the issue is resolved I’ve decided to let the community know that the forum can be used with caution.  Community members who did have former forum handles they wanted to recover that they will have to decide if they wish to wait until the issue is resolved to start using the forum or assume new forum handles to use the forum now. 


The forum can be found here:

Again if you are being prompted for a password during the selection of a forum handle (name) the name you are trying to select will not be available at this time.  You will have to select a different name to continue with the sign on process for the forum.  If the recovery of a forum handle from the previous forum is critical then we recommend you wait until the issue we are experiencing with claiming old forum handles is resolved.


The forum should be considered still under construction.  We expect that there will be issues and could have kept the forum private until it was in a more polished state but we do not want to delay what the forum can do for the community any longer.  If avoiding issues is critical to you then we suggest you may wish to wait before using the forum.  We are working with volunteers from the community to improve the experience.  We encourage the community to participate in the forum’s construction with suggestions and feedback to improve the experience for all users and look forward to seeing those interested in this early forum experience when you sign in.