All Server Downtime - 7/22/2015

Update (1:00 PM PDT): Antigua and Roberts are online and open for players once again! The verification process took quite a bit longer than expected, so again thank you to everyone for being so patient with this.
Test Server is having some additional problems that we're working through right now and we hope to have it open again shortly.

Update (12:00 PM PDT): We're in the final stages of the maintenance now, about to bring the servers back online for internal verification. Just to be safe I'm leaving the downtime estimate at 30 minutes from now.
Update (11:30 AM PDT): The maintenance work is moving along once again, currently the downtime estimate is 45 minutes from now.
Update (11:00 AM PDT): Things have come to a bit of a stall due to some (physical) traffic issues at our datacenter. The current downtime estimate is still 1 hour from now, thank you for your patience.
Update (10:30 AM PDT): Situation remains unchanged, maintenance work is ongoing.
Update (10:00 AM PDT): Maintenance work continues, no change in the downtime estimate.
Update (9:30 AM PDT): The maintenance work is underway, although there was a delay due to another datacenter tenant which has pushed the downtime estimate back an additional 15 minutes.

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately we will need to take all servers offline shortly to perform some emergency network maintenance at our datacenter. Currently the downtime is expected to last up to 1 hour.

I apologize for the very short notice for this downtime, and for any inconvenience it may cause. Updates will be posted here as they happen or every 30 minutes otherwise, thank you for your patience