Roberts Server Issue 7/12/2015 - Updated

Update (4:20 PM PDT): All servers are back online and open to players. Thank you all again for being so patient with this unexpected downtime.

Update (3:15 PM PDT): We've now resolved the new problems that took down access to the whole network. At this point we're working to bring everything back online and do a full test to ensure there are no lingering issues. My current best estimate for opening the servers again is 1 hour.

Update (2:15 PM PDT): Unfortunately our efforts to correct the network issues affecting a subset of our datacenter (including a critical piece for the Roberts server) resulted in a much more significant issue, affecting the entire network.
Work has been underway for the past hour or so to correct the new issues, and I will update this post as we have more information.
I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, we do appreciate your patience while we get this sorted out. -- Hamled

We are currently experiencing a server cluster issue that has affected the Roberts server as well as customer service and development environments.  

Players are currently unable to login to the Roberts server and will receive a message stating "Server could not be found and is probably restarting.  Please wait a few moments and try again."  Players will not be able to log into the Roberts server until this issue is resolved.  The Antigua server and Test server appear unaffected by this issue.  

Customer service will be unable to process many support requests until this issue is resolved.  This will cause delays in responses to service requests.  We apologize for the inconvenience and will update this post when the status of the server issue or any affected components changes.