Update 5/7/15

We apologize for the delay in updating our progress.  The last two weeks have been very busy with our third party partners and good progress was made on a couple of major items we haven’t discussed as of yet.  There are some upcoming technical issues PotBS will need to address later this year and we are nearing a point where we can begin discussing some things we have been working on regarding getting PotBS exposed to a larger game audience.  We’ll provide more information on these items as soon as we are a bit closer to being able to make a public announcement regarding them.

Our forum re-opening progress has also been progressing well.  We’ve been able to resolve the issues we were experiencing in preparation for re-opening the Burningsea.com forums on the Portalus side and are now waiting for our hosting partner to finish their portion of the sign in integration process.  We do not have an estimated completion date from our hosting partner yet but do not expect it to be much longer (it could literally be any day now).  Once it is complete we will need to run a series of tests to make sure the new single sign on system is functioning properly before opening the forum to the general public.  The single sign on tests involve making sure that data is matching up properly when players attempt to reclaim previous forum accounts and that sign on information matches existing game account data.

To conduct re-opening tests we could use about 10 volunteers from the community to help with some testing once the final integration piece is completed by our forum hosting service.  Players who currently have multiple game accounts registered to the same email and/or had multiple forum accounts on the previous Burningsea.com forum registered to the same email addresses would be most helpful.  Anyone interested in volunteering to assist can email customer service at customerservice@portalusgames.com.  Please mention “forum testing” in the subject line and let us know the number of accounts associated with the registered email address for testing.  We will choose the 10 volunteers with the data sets that best match our test conditions.  Customer service will contact volunteers selected for testing with instructions and login information needed for testing when ready.  Thank you in advance to all who volunteer to assist us with this forum testing.