In Game Rule Changes Update

The following changes have been made to the In Game rules:

In Active Nation Select we removed “within the first 30 days of transferring a returning character from a currently closed server.” from the end. 


The reference isn’t valid for Portalus Games as Portalus never could transfer characters from previously closed servers.  We added “or as part of maintaining character access for a server transferred character.” 


If a player transfers a character from one server to another and the server they transferred to does not have a matching active nation we will assist a player in matching the action nation as part of the server transfer process.


In the Multiple Accounts section we have added the following:

To the rules regarding the use of ships of more than one nation in a red zone we have added the following clarification – “PvP areas (red zones) include instances contained within the red zone (PvP or PvE) and the red zone port docks or town.” 


We felt the line with this rule needed to be brightened in that players should only have characters of one nation in a red zone.  We wanted to make clear that we consider sitting on the docks with one nation while having a character on the OS outside the port of another nation is having two characters of opposing nations in the same red zone.  The same is true of a character sitting in an encounter inside the same red zone with another character of another nation either on the OS or in the port – it will all be the same as it is all contained within the same red zone.  We understand players will get caught over the line under certain circumstances and will allow some grace period as long as there is clear intent to clear the zone of two opposing character nations as quickly as possible.


We added to the following to the Multiple Accounts rule section:

“Players may not use excessive numbers of accounts in any single nation or combination of nations to exploit game mechanics in a manner that negatively impacts the health of the game overall.  The number of accounts considered excessive is considered case by case at the discretion of Portalus Games.  An example of an activity not allowed would be a single player using multiple accounts to blockade a port.  The activity was intended to be a group activity and not a single player action.”


What we mean with this rule addition is simply this – there are aspects of the game that are designed for multiple player participation rather than multiple account participation.  We don’t want multiple account participation to over shadow multiple player participation.  We’re calling out solo port flipping as an example of something that is possible for multiple accounts but intended for multiple players.  We can't allow that to go on any longer.  This rule addition is intentionally very broad in that we believe it can be applied to all aspects of the game.  What constitutes an excessive number of accounts will vary depending on the effect those accounts have on the game overall, the activity they are engaging in and the usage patterns of the accounts. 


These rule changes are effective immediately. 


We will provide an update on the forum opening progress in the next 24 hours.  There has been a technical issue with our provider that has delayed our progress and we are still working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.