Update 4/23/15

With last week’s hardware failure and a number of other issues with we had to put work on a new build on hold for a bit to focus what time we could on testing and setting up the new forum.  Overall the testing has gone well with a few issues discovered that will need to be resolved before we can open the forum.  The issues were not major issues and we are still tracking toward opening the forum within the next two weeks. 


My next big task (while Hamled works on the technical issues) is determining exactly what of the old forum threads will be moving to the new forum.  We know that the greater portion of the old information will not be migrating to the new forum predominately due to its age or relevance.  Boards and threads that offer technical support, new player support, and player guides are likely to be migrated over first if the information is still accurate while discussion boards are likely to start with a clean slate.   The initial launch is likely to be minimalistic as we plan to allow the forum to grow to the current game community’s needs and we wish to establish a different feel to the forum to distinguish ourselves a bit from the past forum.  A lot has changed since the old forum was established and we’d like the new forum to be more reflective of where we intend to go rather than where it has been.  


I’d like to add to this update a thank you to those who have sent their well wishes, prayers and concerns regarding my leave of absence.  We’re pretty much back up to full speed now and we should start seeing more consistent status updates and build updates as soon as the forum is up.  Hopefully my next update will contain the date we will be opening the forum and some information regarding the process players will need to use to reclaim old forum accounts or establish new ones.  Regardless of forum status I will post another update next week.