Unexpected Downtime 4/17/2015

Update (10:50 PM PDT): All servers are back online and open once again! Apologies again for the inconvenience this has caused, and thank you all for being so patient.
Update (10:30 PM PDT): We're currently restarting all game servers. Things are still looking on track for about 25 minutes from now.
Update (10:10 PM PDT): The failed hardware has been replaced and we will be restarting all of the game servers shortly. ETA for opening them again is currently 45 minutes from now.

Hey everyone,

Sorry about not getting a post out sooner! We're currently trying to deal with a hardware failure in a very critical component of our datacenter. We're currently in the process of replacing that machine and expect to bring the servers online in the next hour or so.

I'll post updates here as I have more information, thank you all for your patience with this!