Update - April 11, 2015

We apologize for a lack of development updates over the recent weeks.  Many development tasks had to be put on hold over the past few weeks due to my need to take an emergency leave of absence in the first week of March.  Portalus is small enough as a company that the loss of a team member causes havoc on schedules and workloads to a degree that many things become unpredictable until situations stabilize and the team gets back up to full strength.  We’re not quite to that point yet but we are moving forward again at least to a degree that we can report some progress.


During my absence Hamled has been continuing his work on improving our internal infrastructure while covering some of my duties and continuing work on restoring the forum. At this point, if testing goes well the burningsea.com forum should be restored by or before the end of the month.  We will be able to provide an update on forum testing progress later in the upcoming week.


The other development tasks previously discussed have all been on hold for the past few weeks due to my absence.  Rather than delay some bug fixes that are ready until other development tasks are caught up we will likely put a small bug fixing build out during the next week to address the most reported issues.  With the forum being close to restoration we will provide more detailed updates on the delayed development tasks as soon as we can on the restored forum.