All Server Downtime - 2/18/2015

REMINDER: If you open the game and don't see any servers, please download and run the launcher again!
Update (4:45 AM): Finally all of the servers are back online and open to players! Thank you again for being patient while we had this very extended downtime. As previously mentioned we will be taking steps to ensure that maintenance times in the future are nowhere near this long if possible.

Update (3:30 AM): Sorry for how long this is taking, we understand that downtimes of this length definitely cut into the playable times for people in Europe, Russia, and Australia. Given that we plan to do weekly maintenance from here on out, I'll reassess our choice of downtime window and figure out what gives us the best opportunity for a 2-4 hour window of low player activity.
Unfortunately at this point we have one remaining critical server which is still going through its update process and is taking significantly longer than expected. I'm extending the ETA at this point to 4 AM (7 AM Easter Time, 12 PM GMT, 3 PM MSK), however that's quite tentative, I'm not sure if things will be ready for then or not. Again, sorry for all of the inconvenience!

Update (3:00 AM): Maintenance continues, downtime is being extended to 3:45 AM Pacific Time.
Update (2:00 AM): Maintenance continues according to schedule. However, out of an abundance of caution I'm now estimating that the downtime may last an additional 30 minutes, until 3:30 AM Pacific Time.

Update (1:00 AM): Maintenance continues according to schedule. ETA remains the same.
Update (12:00 AM): Maintenance work on all servers has begun. At this time we are still expecting the downtime to last 3 hours.

Ahoy Captains!

As Fodderboy wrote earlier today, we're bringing all of the servers offline tonight at midnight (2/18/2015 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 8 AM GMT, 11 AM MSK).

With this update we'll be turning on the Mardi Gras content, fixing the Mahogany stacking issue (for real this time!), and doing a bunch of back-end server maintenance. Because of the extra maintenance going on we expect that this downtime will last up to 3 hours.

Additionally, we're implementing a regular maintenance schedule from here on out. Each week at around this time (Tuesday night / Wednesday morning) we'll take the servers offline to perform any necessary maintenance.

Ideally because we'll be doing all of this regularly each individual downtime should be a lot shorter than tonight's. Hopefully we can keep them under an hour for the most part.

Thanks to everyone for their patience with this, and I'll make sure to keep this post updated as our maintenance progresses.