Live Server Down Time 2015/11/21

We will be taking the Antigua and Roberts servers offline at 12 AM Pacific Time (3 AM Eastern Time, 7 AM GMT, 10 AM MSK) to release the to the Live servers.  This build features increases to the amount of Pieces of Eight awarded from Treasure Chests, an increase in the number of ship deeds from Treasure Chests, an update to the BitRaider launcher and a new Level 50 advancement item allowing players to skip the lower level development.  Please note this item is intended for veteran players already familiar with the game.  New players are still recommended to progress through the levels normally as a means of learning the game mechanics before reaching level 50.  Additional details regarding Build are found in the post below.

Update 3:36am Pacific Time:  The servers are back online.  Please note the BitRaider update will take several minutes to download as the update does a complete asset scan of the game files as part of the update.