Build is now available on the Test Server.  The build contains the following changes, updates and additions:

Bit Raider Launcher Update

The BitRaider launcher has been updated.  To obtain this update for the BitRaider launcher for use with the Test server it is recommended that the updated file be downloaded from the following location before attempting to login to the Test server:

Please note this BitRaider update is not for the Live servers (Antigua and Roberts).  The update for use with the Live servers will be provided when Build is moved to the Live servers.

The following ship deeds have been added to the Ships section of Treasure Aisle:

Invincible 1st rate
Prince 1st rate
Triumphant 2nd rate
Trinity 2nd rate
Hercules Heavy
Hercules Sleek
Mordaunt Sleek
Oliphant Heavy
Raa Courier

- A new item has been added to the account section of Treasure Aisle that can be redeemed to have the character possessing the item advanced to Level 50.

The following changes have been made to Treasure Chest loot:

-The number of Pieces of Eight awarded per Treasure Chest opened has been increased.
-The likelihood of ship deeds being awarded for opened Treasure Chests has been increased.
-Higher level characters should no longer see lower quality consumables and ammunition awarded from Treasure Chests.
-Depending on the level of the character opening a Treasure Chest the following ships are potential rewards:

Myrmidon Heavy
Capricieux Heavy
Raa Heavy
Hercules Sleek
San Mateo Heavy
Tigre Heavy
Oliphant Heavy
San Fernando

The following bug fixes have been applied in Build

-The Breed Cattle recipe has been added to the Farm Estate structure.
-The Knot Rigging recipe has been added to Textile Factory.
-The Make Parchment recipe has been removed from Improved Textile Factory.  The recipe is supposed to be a Textile Factory only item.
-The Wood Unrest Bundle recipe has been added to the Saw Mill structure.
-The Metal Unrest Bundle Metal recipe has been added to the Finery and Ironworks structures.
-The Weapons Unrest Bundle recipe has been added to the Finery and Ironworks structures.
-The Texiles Unrest Bundle recipe has been added to Improved Textile Mill and Textile Factory structures.
-A recipe refresh routine has been added to refresh the recipe lists of each character in order to pick up the above changes.  The refresh routine should occur when a character changes zones.

Please note that some players may experience duplication of recipes in structures that share recipes with other structures.  We will work to resolve this issue in a future build but would not hold the build back for this issue as the issue is a display issue only and it is of greater importance that players have access to the recipes.

Unless issues are found with Build during the upcoming week we plan to move this Build to the Live servers over the upcoming weekend.