Test Server Down Time

We will be taking the Test server down at some point today to push the 2.15.38 build to the Test server.  The 2.15.38 build features reductions in ship construction costs, NPC buy/sell order prices and a bug fix.


Ship construction costs in the 2.15.38 build have reduced through the following changes:


·         Basic ship hull prices have been reduced by a rescaling of materials used by each size of ship and some reductions in recipe click costs.  Reductions in materials used focuses on keels, stems and iron usage.  The smallest hulls no longer use keels and stems by using a larger amount of frame timber material instead.  All hulls still using keels and stems have had their required amounts reduced.

·         Cannon carriages have had their click costs reduced and their materials used rescaled. 

·         Cannon barrels have had reductions in their click costs and a reduction in the amount of iron used to create each cannon barrel.  Planking material usage went up with most cannon barrels and tallow usage was reduced on the largest cannon barrel sizes.

·         Cannon recipe click costs have been reduced on some cannon (especially smaller cannon sizes).


As a result of the above changes all ship construction costs have been reduced except for ships that are created without using basic ship hulls or basic cannon (e.g. reward ships, exchange ships, etc.).  All ships that have had ship cost reductions have had proportionate reductions in their insurance values.


The 2.15.38 build features a few NPC buy/sell price changes.  The NPC markets in the 2.15 build are designed to be reactive rather than static.  The prices of NPC buy/sell orders are intended to change periodically based on player usage in relation to the overall market.  We haven’t made any changes up to this point because we wanted to wait until we felt we had a large enough sample of data to start seeing trends before making our first adjustments.  Moving forward we expect to make adjustments more often until we can eventually automate the system to operate in real time.


The initial price changes in the 2.15.38 build include:


·         NPC prices will pay higher prices for trade goods.  Trade goods are items only NPC’s consume such as hewn logs and container goods (e.g. cotton bales, barrels of flour, crates of leather, etc.).

·         The prices of NPC sold provisions have risen.

·         The prices of NPC sold structure experts (e.g. farmers, keepers, blacksmiths etc.) have gone up.  NPC sold structure expert markets have also been reduced.  NPC sold structure experts should now only be found in Oranjestad.  Future builds will feature additional reductions in NPC markets.


The 2.15.38 build also contains a fix for the mahogany log stack size bug.


We will leave this build on the Test server for a few days and push the build to the Live servers during the coming week if possible.  We appreciate your feedback and reporting anything that appears to be a bug or any issues that seem out of place.  Feedback and test can be submitted through our customer service email customerservice@portalusgames.com