Economic Expansion Headed to Test Server!

Greetings Captains,

I'm pleased to announce that the nearly-final build for the 2.15 Economic Expansion is ready for release to Test Server tomorrow! As always, if you'd like to check out upcoming game features on Test Server please download the Test client -- and be sure to install it in a separate location from your Live client.


We'll be taking the rest of this week to complete our final QA pass internally, gather any feedback that you may have, and make final tweaks accordingly. Excepting any major issues, 2.15 should hit the Live servers next week!

This build, 2.15.18, contains all of the structures, recipes, ships, and items that will be included in the first 2.15 release. Some of the items, recipes, and structures from our initial 2.15 Test build back in May have been removed, although a number of them may return for a later 2.15 release or possibly in 2.16.


The following is a high level recap of the 2.15 build features for those who may not be familiar with them from previous posts:


Resource Retirements

The Economic Expansion retires two wood resources (Teak and Common Wood) in favor of other wood types being added (e.g. Pine, Roble, Live Oak, etc.). Retired resources can no longer be harvested once the server has been upgraded. Recipes in structures that harvested these types of wood have been replaced with a fuel wood recipe and recipes that required the now-retired resources have been updated with appropriate replacements.

Players with items rendered unusable by this retirement will be able to exchange the items at any port Junk Merchant, however this exchange is not present in the current build but will be active before we upgrade the Live servers.


Structure Retirements

Several basic economy structures are being retired in the Economic Expansion in favor of revamped economy structures. Retired structures that are constructed prior to the release of the 2.15 build will continue to function, albeit with necessary changes to upkeep and recipes. Existing structure deeds can still be used subject to new construction costs, however no new deeds can be created.

The following structures are being retired:

  • Basic Logging Camps - Oak Logging Camp, Fir Logging Camp, Ironwood Logging Camp, Teak Logging Camp

  • Basic Mines - Iron Mine, Copper Mine, Zinc Mine, Gold Mine, Silver Mine, Sulfur Mine

  • Tobacco, Sugar and General Plantations

  • Sugar Refinery, Tar Distillery and Rum Distillery

  • Textile Mill

  • All Advanced Structures


New Structures

Many new structures will be popping up all throughout the Caribbean with the Economic Expansion, and soon they will be manufacturing the Expansion’s many new items. New structures added fall into three basic categories:

  • New Basic – these are structures available to Captains of all careers and nations.

  • Trader Structures – these are structures available to Freetraders only.

  • Partner Structures – these are structures available only from Treasure Aisle. They can be used by all nations and careers.

  • Partner Shipyards - the Hidden Cove Shipyard is only available to members of the Pirate nation and the Company Shipyard is only available to Freetraders.

Structures in the Economic Expansion now require maintenance items as well as doubloons for upkeep. The items will be listed with the doubloon upkeep requirements when viewing the structure. Values for upkeep as well as upkeep materials are not final at this time.

New Basic Structures

  • Large Logging Camps – Oak, Fir, Ironwood, Pine, Roble
  • Large Mines – Iron, Copper, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Sulfur
  • Large Quarry, Clay Pit, Cooper, Salt Pen, Farm, Bakery, Chandler, Blast Furnace and Stamp Mill

New Trader Structures

  • Saw Mill, Carpenter, Pottery, Boilery, and Finery
  • Sail Loft, Rope Walk, Improved Textile Mill and Leather Works
  • Sugar, Tobacco, and Plantation Estates

New Partner Structures

  • Logging Company, Mining Company, and Farm Estate
  • Textile Factory, Foundry, and Iron Works
  • Company and Hidden Cove Shipyards

Partner structure deeds can be obtained for testing by visiting any Port Captain where they will be found in the Treasure Aisle test shop.


New Ships

The Economic Expansion also introduces 18 new ships that are built by the Company and Hidden Cove Shipyards. The following ships are available:

  • Hawk, Wolf, Crocodile, Cutlass, Hunter, Santa Rita, Shark, Atalanta, Hades, Unity, Rover and Mars frigates.

  • Batavia and Sampson Flutes

  • Wager Indiaman

  • Badger and Fox Ketches

  • Eclipse Snow

These ships can be obtained for testing by visiting any Port Captain where they will be found in the Treasure Aisle test shop. The insurance values for these ships will be updated before 2.15 is released to the Live servers, and should not be considered final.


NPC Buyers and Sellers

NPC’s will trade select items via buy and sell orders in the auction houses of the following ports: Barilla, Oranjestad, Pensacola, Pointe-a-Pitre, Port Royal, Rosignol, San Juan, and Tortuga.

The prices for items currently are for testing only and do not necessarily represent the prices that will be seen on the Live servers. There may be additions to the catalogue of NPC traded items as well.



We appreciate players letting us know if/when you encounter issues in testing, we look forward to hearing from you! As always feedback, bug reports, and suggestions may be emailed to

Rants, raves, and Live game / account issues should still be sent to