Test Server Downtime - 2.15.21 - Updated

Update 2: I overestimated the impact of the extended patching time. Test Server is now unlocked and you should be able to log in and check out all of the new economy features in this build!

Update: While Test Server has been upgraded to the new version, because of some changes we've made with our patcher data, my own client update is taking longer than anticipated.

Once my client has been updated and I've been able to perform our standard verification of the server, I'll unlock it. Right now I'm anticipating up to an additional 15 minutes beyond my original estimate, so about 9:15 PM Pacific time.


Hey all!

We'll be upgrading Test Server to version 2.15.21 at 8:30 PM Pacific Time. This build includes essentially everything that will be in the first Economic Expansion release headed to Live next week.

Downtime should last about 30 minutes, I'll update this post when the server is available again, or if the downtime will last longer.

As always, if you'd like to play on Test Server please download the Test client, and make sure to install it in a different directory than your Live client!