Test Event Redux - Sunday August 10

Ahoy Captains!

We will be holding our ship testing event on our Test server tomorrow, August 10th, starting at noon Pacific time (3pm EDT/7pm UTC/11pm MSK) so everyone can check out the 18 new ships included in the 2.15 build. 

If you'd like to attend the event please make sure that your Test Client is properly updated to version 2.15.17 to avoid any delays in getting in-game tomorrow. You can download the Test Client launcher here and get started patching right now.

NOTE: Please do not install the Test Client to the same directory as the Live Client or you may have trouble accessing Antigua and Roberts.


This event will focus on a series of skirmish battles between ships within the same class / level range.  Prizes include titles for winning team members as well as ship deeds and/or Burning Sea Points for various individual achievements!

GM’s will be available on the Test server one hour prior to the starting of the event to assist players in getting setup with any necessary levels, outfittings, and consumables.  We ask that players in need of setup assistance please arrive as early as possible as we do not wish to delay the event’s starting time.

Hope to see you all on Test Server tomorrow, and I eagerly await your feedback on the new ships!