2.15 Test Event Rewards

UPDATE: Both Antigua and Roberts are now online with version 2.14.39. If your client has not updated (you can find your client's version at the lower left corner of the server list), please make sure to download and run the launcher.


We will be bringing the Live servers offline in one hour (6 AM PDT / 1 PM GMT / 5 PM MSK) to add the reward items for our recent test event. Downtime should last around 30 minutes, we appreciate your patience with this downtime outside of our usual window.

Over the next couple of days we will be providing the rewards to all captains who participated in the event, including a new title "Bathed in Blood" for everyone and Burning Sea Point rewards for those that participated in 3 or more skirmishes.

Additionally, ten players that distinguished themselves with individual accomplishment will be receiving special early access to their choice of a deed for one of the new ships. Keep a look out for these exclusive pre-release ships on the OS in the coming week as we prepare for the launch of the 2.15 Economic Expansion!


REMINDER: If you participated in the test event but haven’t notified us, you may still do so by emailing support@portalusgames.com. Please include both the character that you used during the event and the character on Antigua or Roberts whom you wish to receive your reward(s).