2.15 Test Event Follow-up & Answers

Greetings Captains, Fodderboy here!

I’d like to thank everyone who was able to participate in our event and check out the upcoming ships yesterday. The event was a huge success, with the highest turn out for any test event in years!

Rewards will be announced later this week, to ensure quick delivery of those rewards please contact our support team via support@portalusgames.com and mention both your Test Server character name AND the Live character who should receive any title or item rewards.

The skirmish battles have provided us with a great deal of data, and many of you have submitted excellent feedback which we are currently reviewing. We're also working on a schedule of upcoming events, with a larger variety of activities for captains of all levels and interests!

Players who were unable to attend the event can still find all of the new ships on Test Server by visiting any Port Captain. Feedback can be sent to feedback@portalusgames.com.



Additionally, there were a couple of questions that have been asked several times before and during the event that I’d like to address:

  • The first question was regarding the materials needed to build the new ships and whether or not they required Treasure Aisle purchases. The ships do not require components from Treasure Aisle or loot items during construction. However, the recipes for them are only available through purchased Partner tier shipyards. In addition these ships will also require new economic resources which are being added with 2.15.

  • Secondly, the Buccaneer-only frigate ‘Rover’ intentionally has larger cannons on the small gun deck and smaller cannons on the primary gun deck. The intention of this design is to maximize cargo capacity and maintain better sailing performance at the expense of a few larger, heavier guns.


Thanks again to everyone who sails with us on the Burning Seas, your enthusiasm for the game and for the Age of Sail keeps us going every day!