Ship Test Event Sunday August 3rd - UPDATED

UPDATE: Unfortunately the updated Test version of the game that we were planning to use for this event has a serious bug in it that was not discovered until the last minute. We will need to fix the issue and create a new version before we can run the test event.

As such we have delayed the event until next weekend, the specific date and time are TBD. Thank you to everyone for your interest in helping us test the new ships, and thank you for your patience with this. We hope to see you all next weekend!



We will be hosting a ship testing event on our Test server this Sunday August 3rd starting at noon Pacific time (3pm EDT/7pm UTC/11pm MSK) to test the new partner structure ships for the 2.15 build.  The event will feature a nation based red zone race with skirmish battles occurring between the different legs of the race.  Each nation will be attempting to deliver a specific cargo across the overall event for a final event winning nation.  Prizes include titles for winning team members and ship deeds and/or Burning Sea Points for various individual achievements during the races and skirmishes.


GM’s will be available on the Test server one hour prior to the starting of the race to assist players in getting setup for the event by providing ship deeds, levels, items and consumables necessary for the event.  We ask that players in need of setup assistance please arrive as early as possible as we do not wish to delay the event’s starting time.  We look forward to seeing players who are able to attend this event as well as their feedback and comments regarding the new partner structure ships.