Introducing the New 'Eagle' and 'Vulcan' Frigates

Update 2: All servers are back online now! If you're still not seeing any servers in the list please make sure to update your game client. You can update your client by downloading and running the launcher again.
Update 1: Due to unexpected issues with our server maintenance tasks we now project that the downtime will last an additional half an hour. Further status updates will follow, thank you for your patience.

Tonight at midnight Pacific time (7 AM GMT on 7/30) we will be upgrading both the Antigua and Roberts servers to release the latest new Premium tier ships. As we will be performing server maintenance as well we expect the downtime window to last up to 1 hour, and it will include a shorter downtime for Test Server as well.

The 34 gun Vulcan Frigate combines the strength of the strongest frigates with 12 and 16 pound prize bronze cannon to provide another heavy option for captains seeking more firepower weight.  The 32 gun Eagle Frigate features a similar 12 and 16 pound prize gun configuration but sacrifices some armor and structure to maintain greater sailing speeds.