Two New Heavy Frigates

As the last bit of tuning on the 2.15 build is taking a bit longer than expected we've decided to go ahead and release a couple of ships that are not dependent on the 2.15 build today.  We are releasing to the Test server the 34 gun Vulcan Frigate and the 32 gun Eagle Frigate.  Both premium frigates are available to all factions and careers and can be found for testing in any Port Captain’s Treasure Aisle Item Test Shop.  We appreciate any feedback or bug reports sent to regarding these ships. 

If you want to try out the new Vulcan and Eagle frigates please download the Test Server client here!

NOTE: If you're installing the Test client for the first time DO NOT install it to the same directory as your Live client, as it will overwrite the files there and prevent you from playing on Antigua and Roberts.


Watch for an announcement regarding a 2.15 build test event during the next week featuring the new partner structure ships.