Status Update

We’ve experienced a number of delays in the past week that have had an impact on our development schedule.  One of the realities of developing with a very small team is any change in priorities generally results in delays.  Every unexpected illness, family emergency, hardware failure or sudden opportunity requiring attention can take time from planned development.  The past week has been a bit of a perfect storm in this regard for us in that several of these all aligned and combine with previous delays ran our schedule into a pre-planned and well deserved vacation for Half-Hitch.  Consequently we had to delay 2.15 development work for a few days during the past week to address the most pressing issues and now that we’ve had the opportunity to address them we can provide an update as to the effects of the delays and what we’re doing to address them.


To help out with the work load while Half Hitch is on vacation and beyond we’re going to bring back one of PotBS’s most experienced game masters – GM Swabbie.  Swabbie will be joining Portalus immediately to take over customer service duties as well as provide an in game GM presence when possible.  We feel very fortunate to bring someone with Swabbie’s experience both with PotBS and its player base back into the fold and look forward to working with him once again.  Swabbie joining the team will allow us to dedicate more time to development which is badly needed to get the 2.15 build moving forward faster.


To help move 2.15 development forward we’re also going to reduce the scope of the Loot side of the economy in the 2.15 build down to the new loot tables and move the rest of that portion of the economy revamp to the 2.16 build.  Reduction moves the vast majority of what would have been in the Loot Economy overview to build 2.16.  We are going hold off on posts about the Loot economy in the 2.16 build until that gets closer.  We’ll put up a post explaining what the new loot tables contain shortly before the next 2.15 build gets pushed to the Test server. 


As to when that Test server push may occur we’re reluctant to say at this point simply because we haven’t been able to be accurate with any previous estimates.  The team is small enough and there are enough other priorities requiring attention at this time that it is difficult to determine how many actual hours of any given day can be dedicated to new development.  That uncertainty makes estimates difficult and error prone.  We can’t really offer much information at the moment other than we feel the push is not far off with some development time (days not weeks), we apologize for the delays to this point and we will move the build to the Test server as soon as we possibly can.