Economic Expansion 6 – Shipbuilding and Provisioning

In this post I’ll discuss some of the changes coming to shipbuilding and provisioning but first I’d like to start with a couple of structures that haven’t been mentioned yet as they do not really fall into any of the categories previously covered.  Those structures are the Recruitment Office and Draughtsman Offices.


We’re going to consolidate the Draughtsman’s Offices into a single structure with the retirement of Advanced structures.  The Master Draughtsman’s Office will be retired leaving the basic Draughtsman’s Office as the only structure deed producing structure.  All non-Treasure Aisle structures continuing forward both current, revamped and future will be added to the basic Draughtsman’s Office.  Beyond this consolidation there are no changes to the Draughtsman’s Office other than some costs.


The Recruitment Office really doesn’t have any changes beyond the addition of construction experts.  Construction experts are a recipe component used for constructing revamped economy structures, (differing from those used as a consumable in ship combat).  The construction experts are a small addition to items the Recruitment Office can produce and sell to give the structure more value in the revamped economy.




There are no revamp basic shipyards.  The existing basic shipyards are all carried forward into the revamped economy with any new needed additional ship part recipes added to them.  There are four new partner shipyards added in the 2.15 build – the Royal Shipyard, Company Shipyard, Haven Shipyard and Cove Shipyard.  These shipyards are not career restricted but Royal and Company Shipyards are only available to French, Spanish and British characters and the Haven and Cove Shipyards are only available to Pirate characters.


The differences in partner shipyards and basic shipyards have a lot to do with what ships they build and the materials they are built from. 


Let’s start with what ships they build.  Currently the basic shipyards are capable of building basic ships, partner recipe ships and premium ships. 


Basic ships - are the ships that were in the game before it was free to play.  These ship recipes are either a property of the basic shipyard the player owns or added to the player’s character usually by loot or exchange books. 


Partner recipe ships - are those like the San Fernando where the recipe to build them comes from Treasure Aisle and is added to the character.  Once the recipe is added to the character the character can build any number of them in the same manner as basic ships (no further Treasure Aisle component is needed).


Premium ships – are those like the Sovereign which require a builder to get the partner recipe from Treasure Aisle in addition to a premium component such as a First Rate Keel to build them.  Once the recipe is added to the character they can build any number of premium ships but each premium ship built requires its own premium component from Treasure Aisle.


This basic structure of ships remains unchanged by the revamp.  The differences in the materials the ships are built is where the difference between a basic shipyard and a partner shipyard are found.


Basic shipyards (all the shipyards currently in game) use a limited palette of materials in their shipbuilding.  Although many new types of wood are being added in the revamp the basic shipyards and the ship recipes that come with them only use oak, fir, ironwood, pine and roble for the construction of their ships.  All the other wood types being added are used in partner shipyard construction so players who wish to focus on basic shipbuilding really do not have to worry about acquiring resources like live oak or mahogany.  They can focus on the more limited set of oak, fir, ironwood, pine and roble, usually only needing one or two types in building any particular basic ship.


Partner shipyards come with their own ship recipes using many of the revamped economy items as well as all the ship recipes that are part of the basic shipyards.  In all cases a partner recipe ship or a premium ship can be built by any shipyard (partner or basic) qualified to build that size of ship.  We will continue to add partner recipe ships and premium ships to the game as we move forward in the same manner as we have but we will also be adding new ships to the partner shipyards automatically that are part of the shipyard rather than a property of the character.  Partner shipyards will be focused on building new master craft series ships as well partner shipyard refits.




The largest change in shipbuilding in the 2.15 is the addition of new ship parts in ship construction.  How and where the new ship parts are applied is similar to the shipyards in that basic ships work with a limited palette of parts in comparison to ships that are built only by partner shipyards.  In general smaller ships also use less part types than larger ones which keeps starter ships simple to build with few part types to focus on.


For basic ships the largest amount of changes are focused specifically on the hull assemblies.  The hull assemblies gain sternposts, rudders, futtocks.  Rigging gains spars and bowsprits as new parts.  For basic ships all sternposts, rudders, futtocks are made of oak and all spars and bowsprits are made of fir.  This constitutes all the changes to basic shipbuilding when it comes to new parts.  Recipes for the new items are added to the basic structures needed to produce them automatically with the revamp.


Partner shipyard ships use everything the revamped economy has to offer for shipbuilding.  They use all the parts in basic ship building as well as others such as bilge pumps, steering mechanisms, capstans, binnacles, lanterns, window glass, and cabin furniture.  Not all ships use all parts.  Smaller ships tend to use less types as with basic shipbuilding while a future first rate from a partner shipyard would use every part type available in its construction.  It should be noted there is no plan for a new first rate in the 2.15 build.  The first rate here is only mentioned as an example of a ship that would use everything in its construction. 




Provisioning in general has few changes.  The Provisioner structure remains the only provisioning structure in the revamped economy with the biggest changes being the removal of bread (to the Bakery) and cheese production (to the Farm).  It also gains some new provision types that combined with a general change in the economy revamp significantly increase the demand for provisions.


Revamped structures use materials and goods are part of their maintenance in the revamped economy.  Rather than have players collect all the individual items needed for maintenance themselves provisioners are able to bundle these items into structure provisions to provide most maintenance.  The structure provisions generally combine with only one or two special items a structure uses to fulfill maintenance needs.  Some structures need no special items at all (only provisions).


Structure provisions are broken down by business type.  All revamp logging camps use Camp Provisions just as all revamp mines use Mine Provisions.  Structure provisions are all generalized into four basic types - Camp, Mine, Shop and Store. 


Provisioners still provide ship provisions for ship construction as before but ship provisions also come in various different types in the revamped economy.  Most basic ships and small ships use the Ship Provision currently being used in game (with some recipe item changes).  Other ships may use Naval, Merchantman. Privateer or Pirate provisions generally based on whether or not the ship is career restricted or not.