Build 2.15 Update

First off I’d like to thank the players that have been reporting bugs they have been finding with the build on the Test server to customer service.  We appreciate you bringing them to our attention along with the comments and suggestions provided.  With a very small development team the additional testing and observation is essential and though the setup of the first 2.15 did not make testing easy for anyone we are thankful to have dedicated and patient players who offer the help they can.


The two most commonly reported issues coming in from players regarding the test build are a lack of available building materials for the new structures and recipe errors from recipes shown in F1 help.  The most common request from players testing on the server has been for a seeding of construction materials on the auction houses.  We will consider a limited seeding of items on the auction houses though we would prefer to see the effect of activating the exchanges in our next build first.  The determining factor in this decision will be the length of time to our next build.  If we feel the second build is taking too long to prepare we will do an auction house seeding.  This decision will likely be made early next week.


Regarding the recipes issues seen in F1 help we are filtering through these reports for those recipes that are actually actively being used by structures.  The majority of the new recipes seen in F1 help are intentionally put into an unusable state to limit testing scope for the first build.  For our production planning oriented players we strongly recommend waiting until the second build where more of the recipes will be in use and contain their complete requirements.  In the build’s current state many of the new recipes in use do not contain all their requirements as they are dependent on additional structures that were not included in build 1.  F1 help at this point also contains recipes that will not be part of the 2.15 build so building a roadmap at this time from F1 help will require some reworking once the second build is released.


We plan to release another 2.15 build sometime next week.  We will gather the bug reports that come through the weekend and include them in our fixes for the next build.  We will evaluate our progress early in the week and give an update regarding the second build’s release to the Test server (or when the auction house seeding will be done).  I will also continue the overview posts regarding the Loot Economy and other build 2 features later this week.