Build 2.15 Build 1

After several delays and a deep desire to get started on Test server testing we decided that we will have to break up the first build a bit so we can focus on testing smaller pieces and give us a bit more time to resolve a couple of persistent bugs.  What we’ve decided to do is go ahead and push the basic resource economy components to the Test server today and start testing.  We will move the partner economy components to the second test build.  This shift places all the ship and loot oriented economy items in the same build making build 1 a structure and recipe testing build only.


We appreciate players taking the time to test the new build though we are aware it can be difficult at this early stage in our testing.  The number of recipes that are intentionally turned off in new structures due to their outputs not being part of the basic economy can make some structures appear a bit empty or seem incomplete (because they are) but they all should be functional.  There are also incomplete recipes as some items used come from structures not included in Build 1.  We want players to be aware that we’re not too concerned at this point about a possibly missing recipes or components unless its absence completely prevents production.  In general recipes have been stripped down to work with what is there for early testing.  We also want players to be aware that there are intentionally missing pieces so those who are trying to map out new production lines may want to wait for the second build before going any deeper than the structures and their basic functions.


What we are most concerned about is any change that affects existing data (like data loss or corruption), causes obvious errors and/or client instability (pop ups and crashes) as well as the embarrassing kind of bugs like a recipe for harvesting peas producing leather.  We don’t believe players should encounter any of these issues so if anyone does we would appreciate letting customer service know at  We will drill down in our testing to the more detailed level as we approach the final test build (which is still a build or two away). 


The following is a rough overview of what is and isn’t in 2.15 Build 1:


·         There should be no partner structures available.  The missing partner structures are the Logging Company, Mining Company, Farm Estate, Foundry, Iron Works, Textile Factory and the 4 partner shipyards (Royal, Company, Haven and Cove).

·         There are no partner only produced components in Build 1.  This includes the partner created long and short cannon which will be included in Build 2.

·         Ships have not been adjusted yet.  This will be done in Build 2 when the partner shipyard ships are added.

·         Stack sizes and weights have not been adjusted yet.  This will be done in conjunction with the ship recipe changes.  Existing items should be unchanged, new items generally have been set to a default weight of 1 per unit and a stack limit of 100.

·         The Large Quarry and Finery should be the only missing basic structures.  These buildings are being moved to Build 2.  The basic Forge can create the needed components for the basic economy in place of the Finery for Build 1 with the assistance of a Blast Furnace.

·         Structures that should see no changes (at least usable ones) are all basic shipyards and the provisioner.  These structures will be updated in the same build the partner structures and new ships are added.  In Build 1 basic shipyards and the provisioner should appear as they do in the current economy.

·         All retired structures should remain functional, their existing deeds should still be usable (restrictions still apply) and retired structure deeds should no longer appear in the Draughtsman’s Office.

·         The Draughtsman’s Office and Master Draughtsman’s Office should be identical in recipe content.

·         All the map resources including the resources not yet available in Build 1 should be visible from the main map.

·         Tutorial structures have not all been updated yet.

·          There are a few recipes that are producing the correct item but not in the correct form (e.g. producing cotton instead of cotton bales).  These will be corrected in the next build.

·         The Forge has a few known issues that can be worked around with a Blast Furnace.  These will be corrected in the next build.

·         Materials as part of structure upkeep has been moved to Build 2.  Structures should only require doubloons in Build 1 for upkeep.

·         Consumables that used Teak in their recipes should show the Teak being replaced by Oak with some recipe adjustments in some recipes. 

·         Books that provided retired structure recipes should no longer give the retired structure recipes.


We appreciate players letting us know if you encounter issues in testing and look forward to your feedback.