Unexpected PotBS Downtime - Update

Currently the PotBS servers are unavailable due to a hardware failure in our datacenter. Our technicians are currently replacing the hardware in question and we'll have the servers online as soon as everything has been tested and is ready.

Your patience while we resolve this outage is appreciated.

Update: The failed hardware has been replaced and we are performing internal tests on the servers before bringing them online.

Update 2: All servers are back online now. Again, thank you for your patience. Early next week I'll be posting a maintenance schedule for upcoming downtime windows in which we will roll out game updates and further improve our server infrastructure to prevent incidents like this from happening again.

Update 3 (5/17): The game servers will be brought offline this morning to resolve a few remaining issues related to last night's downtime, and in order to provide all accounts with 250 Burning Sea Points as a thank you for your patience.

Update 4 (5/17): We're still working on resolving the remaining issues from last night's downtime. Players have reported missing characters and we can confirm that there was database corruption on Antigua stemming from the hardware failure.

Currently we are restoring the database to a recent backup. We realize this will result in a loss of progress players who had been online this morning, however in the interest of preventing further negative effects it is necessary to start from a backup taken before the incident, the most recent of which is from around 6:30 PM Pacific Time on 5/16/2014.

Again, thank you for your patience as we continue to work to get the servers back online.

Update 5 (5/17): Restoring the Antigua database backup has completed successfully. We're doing some fixes to another internal database currently but we aim to have the servers back online within the next hour and a half.

Update 6 (5/17): I expect at least another hour of downtime at this point. Sorry for the additional delays.

Update 7 (5/17): All servers are back online now. If you have any missing characters or if you believe you lost any dura/items due to the original downtime please contact our support team via support@portalusgames.com