Build 2.15 Update

We will be pushing the first 2.15 Test build to the Test servers Friday  (May 16th).  When the build is being pushed we will post the known issues with the build.


Below are a few more comments regarding some questions and concerns.


The ships added for the first Test build are test ships needed to do some end to end construction testing only.  These “new” ships in the first Test build are not ships that are going to be appearing on the Live servers.  The ships that will wind up going to the Live servers are all in 2.15 Build 2. 


Some players have been expressing concern about supply for the auction house market if players are able to sell materials to NPC’s.  While the NPC market’s primary goal is to free player progression economically from a pure ship loss player market it also serves as an effective price control mechanism.


If players on the auction houses will only pay cost to get materials and goods then sellers will be able to go to the NPC market and get a better price.  How full the player auction houses will be is completely dependent on the price being offered for materials and goods.  If it isn’t high enough, players have other options because a minimal profit margin is assured with NPCs.  When buying from NPCs the opposite is true.  The NPC prices are so high that you can invariably find a better price from a player and have that selling player still make a profit considerably better than selling to NPCs.  This does create an effective upper price limit on many items in the revamped economy because there is a point where it may be easier or cheaper to buy from NPC’s than pay a possibly inflated player price.  NPCs assure players positive gain from participating in the economy without waiting periods while offering some protection against extreme pricing with many items.