Test Build 2.15 Update

We’re going to delay the release of our first 2.15 Test build for about one week to complete some debugging tasks but also because we’d like to get more information about what is coming in that build published before it gets to the Test server so players have an idea of what to expect. 


We will continue to publish the overview posts as laid out in the first revamp economy post as well as posts (such as this one) containing additional information where we feel it is necessary.  We will not attempt to answer all questions as they arise however as the answers to the questions may already be planned as part of our scheduled posts.


I’d also like to offer the following answers to some questions that have come up in the comments regarding the economy revamp in the previous two posts:


·         We will not be able to localize the 2.15 build at this time.  In the past all localization was handled by SOE.  Portalus does not have the staff to localize at this time though we are looking into other possible means of localizing.  We’ll provide more information regarding this effort as things develop.


·         NPC buyers are not located in ports with resources.  This is intentional as we requiring that all materials and goods that are sold to NPC’s be hauled to the regional ports for sale.  While we understand some players do not care for the activity of hauling it is an essential element of the game and it is not a design goal to minimize it.


·         All retired materials, goods, structures or ships will continue to function or will have some means of exchange if they do not.  In general players can exchange retired items for costs at the local junk dealers or the items will continue to be usable even though they can no longer be manufactured.


·         The current advanced structures will continue to function but they are as a class of structures being retired.  Advanced structure deeds can no longer be produced in the 2.15 build.  They maintain a slight labor and cost advantage over the legacy basic structures but do not produce as much as the new revamp basic structures.  Free Traders have many new exclusive structures that fill most of the roles the advanced structures as part of the basic economy. 


·         Ship recipes are being updated as part of the economy revamp as well as 10 new ship recipes being added.  More details regarding changes to ship recipes and ship parts will be offered in Economy – Provisioning and Shipbuilding.