Economic Expansion 1 - Introduction

Economic Expansion

I'm happy to announce the upcoming release of milestone 2.15 to the Test Server later this week! The primary focus of our latest update is the major upgrade we're giving to the game's economy, revamping and expanding all aspects of production in the Caribbean and on the high seas. The 2.15 patch will feature more than 30 new structures, hundreds of additional recipes and items, and the addition of a loot-based production process!

As with any change of this magnitude we want to assure that the transition for our players is as smooth as possible. To that end I’ll be publishing a series of posts in the coming weeks that give a tour of the new economy, with a focus on the major industries that players can engage in for profit and glory.



Guide To The New Economy

1 - Introduction (this post)

2 - Overview: The Resource Economy

3 - Logs and Lumber

4 - Agriculture and Textiles

5 - Mining and Metal Working

6 - Provisioning and Shipbuilding

7 - Overview: The Loot Economy

8 - Exchange Structures

9 - On The Horizon



Basic Features of the Economic Expansion

While many features of the expansion will be covered in greater detail in subsequent posts there are a few concepts that apply to all segments of the economy. Some of the general new features include:

Port Resource Expansion

In addition to broadening the variety of resources available at many ports throughout the Caribbean the game will feature entirely new resources that support further production options and create more markets to capture.

Partner Structures

Like the Partner recipes for ships such as the Hector, Partner structure may be purchased from Treasure Aisle as deeds. These structures are a convenient way to quickly setup a profitable business in any of the Caribbean's major industries.

Because Partner structures are specialized for a particular industry they have highly efficient production capability for limited structure slot usage. However while Partner structures have higher output than basic structures, they also have noticeably higher maintenance requirements.

NPCs Trade In Materials and Manufactured Goods

There are new NPC buyers being added that represent European buyers of materials and goods as well as regional buyers who often purchase materials and goods not desired by European markets. This addition allows players a market where they can be assured of sales of certain materials or goods at slightly above cost prices.

Some materials and goods will only be found as loot from prizes taken at sea or from special NPCs. These items are predominantly intended for the loot economy but there are a few that are used in the resource economy to produce very high end items.

Goods and Materials Required for Structure Upkeep

By more accurately portraying the maintenance requirements of production facilities we are expanding the economy's breadth beyond the narrow focus of shipbuilding. This opens new markets for captains of industry and startups alike.

Weights and Stack Limits

Stack limits and weights continue to be adjusted to accommodate a greater focus on the manner in which materials are shipped and stored.



Get Ready

We invite you to check out all of these changes and more in the coming weeks as we roll out 2.15 on the Test Server and onto Antigua and Roberts in early May.

To provide enough opportunity for captains to become acquainted and to present feedback to us and the community we are releasing features to the Test Server over a two week period. The first week's build is focused on the resource economy while the second week's will add the loot economy features.

I hope that you are as excited by these developments as myself. I look forward to reading your comments and feedback from the Test Server!