2.14 Patch Notes

Patch Notes for version 2.14.21


  • The accuracy-by-distance curve for all cannons has been reworked to encourage more dynamic battles by rewarding careful management of your sailing distance. Check out this developer blog for more details.

  • The existing categories of cannon items for producing ships have been replaced by cannons with specific weights. On the Junk Dealer in your local port you will find an exchange shop for deconstructing your old cannon inventory into its constituent parts.


  • The "In Combat" effect is now applied only after a certain damage threshold has been met with a single volley from an attacker. This threshold is based upon the size of the target ship.
  • The "idle" repair rate for all ships has been slowed down significantly. All ships will take around two hours to be fully repaired at the idle repair rate.
  • To account for the new accuracy curve for cannons the following skills have had their effective ranges modified:
    • Cutthroat
      • Cut Shroud - 300 yards
      • Entangling Shot - 300 yards
      • Damage Rudder - 250 yards
      • Cripple Enemy - 300 yards
      • Deter Pursuit - 300 yards (and reduced duration to 30 seconds)
      • Decimate - 500 yards
    • Naval Officer
      • Break Morale - 500 yards
      • Disable Rigging - 300 yards
      • Disable Rudder - 250 yards
      • Crippling Broadside - 500 yards
      • Decimate - 500 yards
      • Thundering Broadside - 700 yards
    • Privateer
      • Crushing Broadside - 500 yards
      • Demoralize - 500 yards
      • Cut Shroud - 350 yards
      • Entangling Shot - 350 yards
      • Damage Rudder - 275 yards
      • Cripple Enemy - 500 yards
    • Freetrader
      • Deter Pursuit - 300 yards


  • NPC enemies will now attempt to fight at a closer distance, to match the new cannon accuracy curve.


  • Our seasonal content for Mardi Gras has been turned on.
  • Ship bundles of all sizes are now 10% off in the Treasure Aisle store.
  • New items are available in the Seasonal Piece of Eight exchange. Check out this post for more details.


  • The hour-long bonus books for experience, loot, doubloons, and faction points all lacked description text for their effect details. Fixed.


  • Cannon accuracy information displayed in help documentation and ship deeds does not always match the actual accuracy of those cannon batteries. This will be corrected in an upcoming hotfix patch.