Cannon Changes, Part 2

A big step in implementing a new cannon production model based on cannon by shot weight was the conversion of the original cannon model where cannon are produced in the five basic sizes – Tiny, Small, Medium, Large and Huge, to one where cannon are produced by shot weight. When we set about converting to the new cannon production model we used the following as basic equivalents for evaluating production costs and materials needed.

Original to New Model Equivalent Cannon

Tiny – 4lb Cannon

Small – 6lb Cannon

Medium – 9lb Cannon

Large – 16lb Cannon

Huge – 32lb Cannon

Using the above equivalents there were a few issues to work out with the new cannon model when it came to converting the original cannon model. Cannon like an 8lb cannon were not small or medium, 12lb were not medium or large with 18lb and 24lb guns in the same situation. There would need to be a scale from the smallest to largest cannon in terms of production costs (click and material) that all the existing cannon (and planned future cannon) fit into.

We decided that in converting the original cannon model that the smallest cannon would be used as a base in each size for production costs (the above equivalents) with a desire to see click cost and material costs progress upward as cannon got larger. Maintaining relative production costs with the original model would only be targeted at the equivalents and deviation would be allowed as long as it was upward (though we didn’t want to see anything to sharply so).

We also decided that we wanted to distinguish iron cannon from bronze cannon (targeted for build 2.15) so we removed brass as a production requirement for larger cannon. This was a large cost relief to larger gun production that allowed us latitude in requiring greater amounts of iron in iron cannon production while keeping production costs close to current costs. Interestingly this decision resulted in the production cost of cannon like the 24lb and 32lb guns dropping because the material scaling became unbalancing attempting to maintain original costs. The changes for most other cannon caused increases in production costs from the broadening cost scale (creating future expansion space). Most increases were reasonable overall so the drop in 24lb and 32lb guns was maintained.

Below is the basic cost outline used in implementing the material use and click costs for the shot weight production model implemented. Swivel guns do not appear in this list as they were unchanged in production costs from current costs.

Basic Cannon Cost Structure

4lb - 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Common Wood, 30 doubloons per cannon

6lb - 2 Iron Ingot, 1 Common Wood, 40 doubloons per cannon

8lb – 3 Iron Ingot, 2 Common Wood, 50 doubloons per cannon

9lb – 4 Iron Ingot, 2 Common Wood, 60 doubloons per cannon

12lb – 6 Iron Ingot, 3 Common Wood, 80 doubloons per cannon

16lb – 12 Iron Ingots, 4 Common Wood, 120 doubloons per cannon

18lb – 14 Iron Ingots, 5 Common Wood, 200 doubloons per cannon

24lb – 20 Iron Ingots, 8 Common Wood, 800 doubloons per cannon

32lb – 28 Iron Ingots, 10 Common Wood, 2000 doubloons per cannon

42lb – 40 Iron Ingots, 12 Common Wood, 3000 doubloons per cannon

The overall effect of the changes to the shot weight production model was a mixed bag of production cost changes to ship building. Some ships dropped noticeably as their previously medium cannons costs dropped closer to small cannon while others rose dramatically due to a rise in production costs associated with 16lb and 18lb guns. We know we have additional economy work coming in the near future so a decision was made to maintain overall ship construction costs close to current costs until the 2.15 build.

To maintain relative current costs the click costs of ship recipes were adjusted to compensate for a rise or drop in overall cost due to the cannon model change. If cannon got more expensive the recipe click cost went down to make up the difference. There were a few exceptions where click costs on ships were too small to absorb an adjustment and in such cases the cost was split into half click cost adjustment half increased price (and associated insurance cost adjustments). These adjustments were made at the same time recipes for ships, consumables and bundles were changed to reflect new cannon requirements. The new recipes for the cannon produced by shot weight are all part of the Forge structures available to all players.

The new cannon, ship, consumable and bundle recipes no longer require Tiny, Small, Medium, Large and Huge cannons. No longer required for recipes they cannot be used and have no value. An exchange for these original model cannon has been added to the Junk Merchant in each port. Visiting the Junk Merchant will give access to the Old Cannon Exchange where original model cannon can be exchanged for the raw materials and base doubloon click costs used to create them.

These changes are available for view and testing current on our Test server. We invite all players to investigate the changes and how they may impact their current production lines. We welcome feedback regarding the implementation and appreciate any bugs anyone might notice being reported to