Test Server - 2.15.37 Patch Notes

Ahoy Captains!

We’re releasing another bug fix patch for 2.15. After completing the emergency fix work of rolling back the stack limits and weight changes in 2.15.36 we’re now plugging up the production issues that have been reported to us in the past few weeks, and improving our in-game communication about certain kinds of items.


Patch Notes

Structures / Recipes

  • The following structures are now usable by Freetraders and Buccaneers:

    • Saw Mill

    • Carpenter

    • Leather Works

    • Sugar Estate

    • Tobacco Estate

    • Plantation Estate

    • Improved Textile Mill

    • Finery

  • The following structures are now usable by everyone:

    • Sail Loft

    • Rope Walk

    • Pottery

  • Added Crush Linen and Crush Limestone recipes to the Iron Works.

  • Added Shop Provision upkeep to Weaponsmith structure.

Trade Goods

  • Trade goods are items that can only be sold to NPCs and are not used in recipes. Our intention with these items is to provide an avenue of potential profit for players looking to get into economic production, even if they’re not yet ready to step up to producing goods for other players.

  • All of these recipes have been in the game since 2.15’s release, however they were not clearly identified as such in-game. We've corrected the titles and descriptions for these items, and indicated that AH’s in regional markets and Oranjestad have NPC buyers.

  • The full set of trade goods:

    • Hewn logs of: Oak, Fir, Pine, Roble, Cedar, Mahogany, White Oak, Longleaf Pine

    • Barrels of: Tar, Dried Fish, Game Meat, Beef Fat, Pork Fat, Bread, Flour, Fire Cured Tobacco

    • Crates of: Leather, Skins, Fur

    • Kegs of: Saltpeter, Gunpowder, Molasses

    • Sacks of: Cochineal, Coffee, Cacao, Beans

    • Hogsheads of: Sugar, Tobacco

    • Casks of Common Cheese, Boxes of Fine Cheese

    • Bales of Cotton

User Interface

  • Updated some item and recipe categories:

    • Building Stone: Raw Materials -> Manufactured Goods

    • Harvest Beef and Pork Fat recipes: Manufactured Goods -> Raw Materials

    • Make Cable recipe: Manufactured -> Shipwright

    • Copper and Iron Bolt recipes: Manufactured -> Shipwright

Auction House

  • Really fixed the item search issue this time. It should be possible to search for “Barrel” (or even “bar” if you fancy also looking up bar shot and ‘Atlas’ Barks at the same time) and get all appropriate results.


  • Sulfur Ore stack size increased from 100 to 1000.


  • Added obsolete information to old cannon (e.g. tiny, small, medium, etc.) item descriptions.

  • Removed references to 18 lb long and short cannon, 24 lb long cannon, and long demi-cannon barrel.  These items are not currently used by any ships and were removed until ships using them are available.


  • Moved the Society Warehouses from Consumables in Treasure Aisle to the Structures section of Treasure Aisle.