Website, Email, and Server List Downtime - 12/1/2014 - Updated

Update 3 (9:00 PM PST): We've received word from our DNS provider that their operations are returning to normal. I suspect that for many of you it might still take a couple of hours before patching and logging in works again, however.

Update 2 (8:00 PM PST): Our DNS provider is still working on mitigating the current attacks. More updates will follow as we receive them.

Update 1 (6:30 PM PST): According to our DNS provider they're seeing renewed DDoS attacks. We've had some reports from players of having difficulty using the launcher or connecting to servers once in-game. This may be due to the new attacks or possibly due to the partial nature of the recovery from earlier. More updates will follow as we receive them.

Hey everyone!

Although it appears to be resolved now, I wanted to address he outage that we had today, which would have affected anyone attempting to log into the game today from approximately 11 AM PST (7 PM GMT) to 4:30 PM PST (12:30 AM GMT).

This outage occurred as a result of our DNS provider experiencing a severe and sustained DDoS attack, and due to the configuration of our DNS services it impacted our website and email as well.

While I attempted to communicate the outage via our Facebook and Twitter accounts (which you can subscribe to through the buttons in the upper-right hand corner of this page) I realize that is not our best avenue of communication for many of you. I apologize for how difficult it has been for anyone to retrieve information about the status of the game as well as ongoing updates about the outage.

I'll be working with our network engineering consultants as well as our DNS provider to setup a failover system to ensure access to as much of our service as possible in the event of another incident like today's. Ideally this would include the game, website, and support email (as well as forums and wiki when they are restored), but at a minimum I will ensure that we have a well-known place for players to find status updates in the event of a downtime even of our main website.

Thank you to everyone for being patient with us throughout the day, I hope that you experience in PotBS from here on will be much smoother!