Test Server - 2.15.31 Patch Notes

Hey everyone!

We’re releasing a new Test build, 2.15.31, later tonight. This is the final build before the 2.15 Economic Expansion is released on 11/11, and contains additional bug fixes, the Retired Lumber Exchange, and a fix that adds the new recipes into existing structures.

We’re still working on the final numbers for item stack limits, weights, recipe doubloon costs, and insurance payouts for the 18 new ships. Rather than release these numbers half-way we’ve kept them out of this build, however the correct numbers will be in place for the release to Live servers.

Patch Notes

Structures and Recipes

  • New recipes in 2.15 should now be added to existing structures where appropriate.

  • Partner-tier structure deeds have been added to Treasure Aisle. The prices for these are currently placeholders, we will finalize them before 2.15 is released to live.

  • Added Boilery-specific recipe for Refine Sugar.

  • Added structure-specific recipes (Saltpeter Mine, Farm Estate, and Boilery) for Fill Keg of Saltpeter.

  • Advanced Shipyard (Small and Medium) and Master Shipyard (Large) structures require Shop Provisions for upkeep.

  • Advanced Textile Mill structure requires Shop Provisions for upkeep.

  • Assembly Yard structure requires Shop Provisions for upkeep.

  • Provisioner structure now properly includes Craft Smelling Salts and Pack Pirate Provisions recipes.

  • Harvest Pine (Logging Company) recipe now properly requires Forest (Pine) resource in current port.

  • Boil Brine recipe now properly requires 1 Keg, Oak.

  • Recipes for Long and Short Cannons have been removed as they are not yet used.

  • Cast Iron Ship’s Bell and Forge Rudder Iron recipes are now in the Shipwright Goods category.

  • Logging Camp (Oak) structure now properly provides the Harvest Firewood recipe.

Economic Items

  • Added the Retired Lumber Exchange to Junk Dealers in all ports. This exchange allows you to trade in varieties of lumber which are no longer in use, for always useful gold doubloons.

  • Hogshead of Tobacco, Keg of Fire Cured Tobacco, and Fine Quality Tobacco are now in the Manufactured Goods category.

  • Tobacco Leaves are now in the Raw Goods category.

  • Icons have been fixed for Ship’s Binnacle, Ship’s Bell, Caulk, Ship’s Graving, Cast Iron Anchor, Tobacco Leaves, Fine Quality Tobacco, and Keg of Fire Cured Tobacco.


  • Fixed text for Recipe: Cast Iron Ship’s Bell (Foundry) and added text for Recipe: Cast Iron Ship’s Bell (Ironworks).

  • Recipe: Merchantmen Provisions changed to Recipe: Pack Merchantmen Provisions.