Test Server - 2.15.29 Patch Notes

Hey everyone!

We’re releasing a new Test build, 2.15.29, later tonight. This build primarily contains bug fixes and an improvement in the UI for NPC orders in the Auction House.

We are planning one additional build to be released over the weekend with a few final fixes that we didn't get into this build as well as the final numbers for item stack limits, weights, and recipe costs.

Currently we are targeting 11/11 for the 2.15 Economic Expansion to finally be released!

Patch Notes


  • All structure recipe bugs have been resolved.

  • All structures are functioning and contain the appropriate recipes.

  • If recipes are not appearing in structures built prior under a prior build those structures may need to be rebuilt in order to see the changes/fixes. An update will be provided in the next build that updates all structures automatically.

NPC Buy/Sell Orders

  • NPC orders should be visible in the auction houses of San Juan, Tortuga, Port Royal, Pointe-à-Pitre, Rosignol, Barilla, Pensacola, and Oranjestad. Previously these orders were only visible on Test Server if players also had listings for the same items in those ports.

  • NPC orders will now be displayed in the Auction House interface with a gold tinting to make them clearly distinguished from player orders. Note: If the best price offered by players is the same as the NPC price the listing will still be shown with the gold tinting, but the player listings will be filled first.

  • NPC orders currently contain test values for prices to make testing easier. All sell orders should have a value of 12 doubloons and all buy orders should have a value of 2 doubloons. The actual prices will be included in the next build.


  • Missing or incorrect translation issues have been fixed.

  • Mislabeled display category items should be fixed. There are a few items that border on being classified as raw materials or manufactured goods that may get adjusted based on feedback for the next build.

  • More recipes contain information regarding which structures they are associated with for clarity in F1 Help.