Test Server - 2.15.36 Patch Notes

Ahoy Captains!

We’ve got the stack limit and weight adjustment rollback completed, as well as a major expansion of NPC listings in auction houses. Nearly every port in the game has a number of NPC listings now that correspond with the kind of resources appropriate to that port.


Update: It looks like I was a bit premature in claiming that the AH search issues had been corrected. There still seems to be a problem with searching for “Barrel”, for example. 

If you combine the search with an item category limitation such as Manufactured Goods or Raw Materials though, it seems to work alright.

Patch Notes

Economic Items

  • Stack limits decreases in 2.15.33 have been rolled back to their 2.14 versions.

  • Stack limits for new items in 2.15 have been increased to be more in line with the limits in use for existing items.

  • Weight changes in 2.15.33 have been rolled back with a few exceptions where the weight had decreased in 2.15 (these have been retained).

  • Cannon sizes up to 12lb have had their stack limit increased to 100.

  • 16lb, 18lb, and 24lb cannons have a stack limit of 75.

  • 32lb and 42lb cannons have a stack limit of 50.

  • Citations of Conquest have a stack limit of 100.

NPC Buy/Sell Orders

  • Nearly every port in the Caribbean now features NPC listings -- almost 10,000 listings in total. These listings are designed to be appropriate to the resources and production occurring within that port.

  • Currently the NPC listing prices are very high, in most cases a few hundred percent markup. We’re starting with these values to give adequate room for player economic production to take hold, and will be adjusting them on a weekly basis in response to player production.

  • NPC listings for ships have had their prices increased quite a bit to make them more in line with the markup used in other NPC listings.

Auction House

  • Browsing the Auction House now has a limit of returning 2,000 listings.

  • Searching the Auction House now has a limit of 200 matching item types. This was previously preventing people from searching for now very common item names such as “Barrel”.