2.15 Stacks and Weights Rollback

Ahoy Captains!

On Tuesday I asked players to provide feedback about the 2.15 update in general, and also about the stacks and weights aspects of it in particular. And boy did you guys have a lot of feedback for us! I greatly appreciate how many people have written to us both in the comments here and through emails to feedback@portalusgames.com.

Rollback of Stacks and Weights Values

We’ve had some very intense discussion about this feedback over the past couple of days, and the end result is that we’ve decided to rollback our changes to the stacks limits and weight numbers. We’re currently working on this change, although it might take an extra day or so as we need to figure out new numbers for the items that were introduced in 2.15 (and thus have no historical values to rollback).

I should mention that this won’t be an exact rollback, as we may decide to keep certain changes that we think are inline with the general goal of the rollback: preventing the need for a massive increase in player storage and number of hauling trips. So if an item’s weight was actually reduced in 2.15, we might choose to retain that new value.

Also, I want to note very strongly that this rollback is not an indication that we consider the situation with stacks and weights in 2.14 to be final or appropriate to where we want to move the economy portion of the game. As I talked about in the Items, Stacks, and Volume post earlier this week, we still believe that the current lack of any constraint regarding cargo volume makes the experience less than it should be.

We want to ensure that when we do add that factor into the game, we’re doing so in a way that accommodates all of our players and affords every captain the ability to manage their cargo and its storage in a way that is appropriate to their play style.

NPC Auction House Listings

Additionally with the rollback for the stacks and weights values, we’re going to be including an expansion of the various goods being offered by NPCs on the Auction House, and many of those items will be offered in more ports throughout the Caribbean.

While the option of purchasing goods directly from NPCs will always be the most expensive way to get the items you want, we feel that shifting demand more and more into the AH and out of person to person or intra-societal trading will provide the best environment for more casual econ-interested players to join into the process.

As always, we’ll be keeping a close watch on production levels and trade activity on the AH to ensure that the NPC prices are appropriate without being too difficult to undercut or too expensive to be viable.

Thank you again to everyone who has contributed feedback to us, we hope that you’ll continue to do so and I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks of 2.15 as we move further along!