Live Server Downtime - 2.15 Is Here! - Update

Update 5: Thank you all for being so patient with this. Antigua and Roberts are once again online!

Update 4: So it turns out that it's a bit harder than we all wished over here to extrapolate how long a portion of the database upgrade process would take based on the time it has taken on Test Server. We're still upgrading the DB and as soon as that is completed I'll update this post again.

Update 3: All server maintenance has been completed, and the 2.15 upgrade procedure is currently underway. My best estimate at this time is that both Antigua and Roberts should be online by 4 AM (11 AM GMT). Test Server is currently online.

Update 2: The issue with our server maintenance continues to take longer than expected. I'm pushing the downtime window until 3:30 AM (10:30 AM GMT) to compensate.

Update: We continue to work on server maintenance in advance of upgrading the game version. We've encountered one server which is taking longer than predicted, however everything else is progressing smoothly. Currently we are still on target to finish within the initial 3 hour window.

Ahoy Captains!

We're finally releasing the long-pending 2.15 Economic Expansion update tonight at midnight (11/18/2014 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 7 AM GMT, 11 AM MSK). We will be performing additional hardware and network maintenance as well during this upgrade.

All told, we expect the downtime to last up to 3 hours. We'll post updates here with any changes to that schedule, as well as when the servers are once again available. We appreciate your patience during this downtime.

Unfortunately due to the size and development time of 2.15 I do not have definitive patch notes available, please see the following incremental patch notes we've previously released: