Test Server - 2.15.34 Patch Notes

Correction: Previously I had listed regional trade ports as having NPC auction house listings for structure experts. This was incorrect, they are only listed in capital ports and Oranjestad.

Hey everyone!

We’re releasing what I hope will be our final Test build, 2.15.34, later tonight. This build includes fixes for a few bugs that we wanted to ensure were resolved before the Live release. We’re moving the Live release to tomorrow evening (early AM on 11/18) accordingly, thank you for your patience with this.

Patch Notes

Structures and Recipes

  • Pack Ship Provisions recipe no longer takes Salt. Doubloon cost has increased to 96 to compensate.

  • Advanced Provisioning recipe now matches Pack Ship Provisions, but retains the reduced 3 hour labor time.

  • Boilery structure is now available to both Freetraders and Buccaneers.

NPC Buy/Sell Orders

  • Experts of all kinds required in the construction of economic structures are available for purchase from NPCs through listings in the Auction Houses of all capital ports, as well as Oranjestad.