Test Server - 2.15.24 Patch Notes & FAQ

We’re releasing a new Test build, 2.15.24, later tonight. This build is largely a bug fix update and brings us much closer to having everything correct and polished for release to Live! Presented below are the patch notes for this build as well as a small FAQ from questions that we've received since the previous build.


Patch Notes


  • The recipes associated with each structure have been reviewed and inconsistencies have been corrected.

  • There are no more production line blockages, all item types can now be produced.

  • Some producible items are not used in any recipes (e.g. all forms of hewn log). These items are intended to be sold into NPC markets throughout the Caribbean.

  • Known issue: Existing structures do not have newly created recipes added to them, this will be corrected before release to the Live servers.

Economy Tutorial

  • The economy tutorial is working once again.

NPC Buy/Sell Orders

  • There have been requests to display NPC orders on the Auction House differently from Player orders. We’re working on this and it will be included in a future patch, possibly before 2.15 is released to Live.


  • Most of the typographical errors have been fixed.

  • Structure-specific recipes that have similar names for different structures now include the structure name in their title.

  • Known issue: Some item descriptions are not yet complete, we will be adding more clarification as to the item’s intended use (manufacturing or sale to NPCs).


Frequently Asked Questions

There have been a few questions we've seen repeatedly in feedback and bug reports that may not have been answered adequately. Here are answers to the some commonly asked questions:

When is 2.15 going to go live?

We do not yet have a firm release date for 2.15 onto the Live servers. However, at this point most of the bugs and polish issues have been worked out. Our current focus is on the determining the correct stack limits and weight amounts for the new items, and there may be final adjustments to the costs associated with some recipes.

Are warehouse sizes going to be increased?

At this time we are do not have plans to increase warehouse sizes. One of the primary goals of the economy revamp was to make the new economy something very difficult for one player to completely cover. However, we also do not want to hinder players’ ability to maintain a robust production pipeline for a given segment of the overall economy.
We are still evaluating where we believe the correct balance lies by analyzing item use on the live servers with our target being geared toward the average economy player’s behavior and level of production.

What will happen to my items if their stack limit is reduced below its current amount?

Reduction of an item’s stack limit below the current number in a given stack does not reduce the number of items in that stack. The stack becomes overloaded similar to what happens when a ship hold is overloaded. It retains everything but in the case of an overloaded stack there must be sufficient room in a warehouse to split the stack into appropriate sizes.

If an item’s stack limit decreases from 10,000 to 5,000 and your warehouse is full you will not be able to split that stack until there is enough room in the warehouse for two stacks of 5,000. Again, you will not lose any items when the stack limit is reduced.

How can I create a structure whose output is needed to create that structure?

As an example, bricks are needed to construct a Pottery, but the Pottery is the only building that makes bricks. Besides purchasing these bricks from other players, anyone that wishes to get started making their first Pottery will be able to buy them from NPCs on the Auction House. Other items in a similar position are available for sale from NPCs on the AH and in some exchanges.

Can the new ships be captured?

The new ships cannot be captured. We are evaluating the capture mechanics for future development and want to maintain the career-specific nature of the new ships until we have completed our evaluation.



We would like to thank all of our players that have been testing the 2.15 builds on Test Server. We've received numerous bug reports, suggestions and observations from players all of which have been very helpful!

While we are not always able to respond to each report or include all of the excellent suggestions provided by these players we greatly appreciate their efforts and will target some of the suggestions for future builds.

As always, suggestions, feedback and bug reports can be sent to feedback@portalusgames.com! If you have any issues with the Live servers please be sure to send an email to our support team via support@portalusgames.com.